A Hemp Coffee Story

Founded by Matthew Errico and Parks Thomson in the summer of 2017, the first batches of Coffee Potts came to be in Park's parents home kitchen. Admittedly, our first recipes where the, well,.... "full strength," cousins, of the hemp, infused coffees we share with you today.

We wanted to create a simple and enjoyable product that had the ability to improve peoples lives, by sharing the power of naturally derived phytocannabinoids like those found in hemp, in a tasteful and enjoyable experience. Everything we do is in support of that. Every batch of our Sumatran and Tanzanian sourced coffee beans is roasted to a deep perfection; meticulously infused with wholesome, full spectrum hemp oil, from strong, gorgeous Farm Bill compliant hemp plants, grown right here in the USA.

From first sip to last we know your going to love every bit of your experience with Coffee Potts.

We can't wait to hear from you.

Matt & Parks